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Cultivar Testing

The objective of this program is to evaluate traditional and newly developed grape varieties as well as specific clones of varieties under Maryland conditions. An innovative part of this program involves importation and testing of vinifera varieties. High quality, very cold, hardy varieties that have never been tested in this country have been imported from the northernmost regions of Italy and from Eastern Europe. A repository is being established.

Pest Control/Vineyard Nutrition

Dr. Fiola initiated an Integrated Vineyard Management research and delivery program to maximize fruit quality and vine cold-hardiness, as well as to control disease with the most environmentally friendly procedures. The program also includes extensive tissue (petiole) sampling and subsequent nutrition/fertility recommendations for the commercial vineyards in the state.


Small batch enological studies are conducted on the new grape varieties to determine their wine quality. Also, research has been conducted into understanding annual vintage variability, as well as utilizing various enological tools to make the best wine possible with each specific "vintage" of grapes. Vinified products from Dr. Fiola's new grape variety research have won awards in the American Wine Society's (AWS) International Competition. Experiments with cryo-concentration for “ice” wines from grapes and apples are being conducted

Research being conducted at:

Central Maryland Research & Education Center (CMREC) - Upper Marlboro Facility
2005 Largo Road, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774

CMREC Upper Marlboro Vineyard Summary Southern Maryland Vineyard Team (Article) PDF
Ben Beale, Extension Educator, University of Maryland Extension (UME) - Anne Arundel County. Reprinted from Dave's Ramble MCE* Newsletter (Anne Arundel County) - Winter 2005. * MCE name was changed to UME October 2009

Lower Eastern Shore Research and Education Center - Salisbury Facility
27664 Naticoke Road, Salisbury, MD 21801 (410-742-1178)

Grapevine Variety and Cultural Practice Trial
Beach Plum Variety Trial Block With Sudeep Mathew

Western Maryland Research & Education Center
18330 Keedysville Road, Keedysville, MD 21756 (301-432-2767)

Disease Resistant Apple Variety Trial
BlockImport Variety/Clone Block 3
Chardonnay & Cabernet Sauvignon Clonal Vineyard Block
Chardonnay & Chambourcin Vineyard Block
Beach Plum Variety Trial Block
New Variety & Clonal Vineyard Block
NE1020 /Variety Clone Block 08
Canopy Management/Variety Vineyard Block with Maryland GrapeGrowers Association (MGGA)
Apple Somaclonal Gala Trial
BlockTable Grape Variety Vineyard
Block and NurseryApple Variety
Trial BlockAsian Pear Variety Trial Block

Wye Research and Education Center
P.O. Box 169, 124 Wye Narrows Drive, Queenstown, MD 21658 (410-827-8056)

Hardwood Cutting Propagation of Advance Selections and Linae' Grapevines
Replicated Trial of imported "Russian" Grapevine Clones and Alternative Vinifera Varieties


More information about the University of Maryland Research Centers:



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