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Calvert County Watershed Stewards Academy

Are you looking to improve local water quality? The Watershed Stewards Academy (WSA) is a great opportunity to learn how to solve stormwater problems in your community and join a local network of energized leaders! The inaugural class of the Calvert County WSA will start this October 2020!...

Rain Barrels and Cisterns

What are Rain Barrels and Cisterns? Rain barrels and cisterns are devices that are placed at the end of downspouts to collect rainwater and store it for later use. Rain Barrels 101 Webinar Southern Maryland Environmental Stewardship Webinar Series Recorded June 9, 2020 Speaker, Jackie Takacs,...

Resources for Stewards

Here you will find resources for Master Watershed Stewards. COVID-19 Guidance Letter to Master Watershed Stewards Policy and Forms WSA Policies and Guidelines Event Attendance & Media Release Form Release of Liability for Property Owners Form Resources WSA Toolbox Reporting Steward Activity...


Stormwater Practices What is stormwater runoff? Stormwater runoff originates during precipitation events when water flows over the ground. Hard surfaces such as streets and rooftops increase runoff by preventing water from soaking into the ground. Water running over these hard surfaces can pick up...

Need a Virtual Stormwater Site Consultation?

Do you have flooding issues on your property? The Watershed Team can help you by making suggestions specific to your site through a virtual stormwater site consultation. Virtual site consultations can address issues in your backyard such as drainage problems, erosion concerns, and placement of rain...

Property Information

The property information form is the section where an indiividual enters the information about the property where the stormwater BMP is located. Question Description Acknowledgement Clicking yes allows you to enter and submit information. For more information on why we ask this question, click here...


This site explains the data entry fields associated with the Stormwater Management and Restoration Tracker (SMART). Download the entire manual here. Introduction Property Owner Information

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