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It is essential for a farmer to practice conservation and stewardship on their land for the health of the environment and to sustain the productivity of agricultural lands. The Chesapeake Bay watershed is especially sensitive to sediment, nutrients and other substances that reach its’ waters. There...

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Dairy Production

With over 50,000 dairy cows in Maryland it only makes sense that the state drink of Maryland is Milk! So if you are thinking of starting a dairy you are in the right state! Utilize the resources below to learn about dairy herd management and production. General | Economics | Breeding and...

Beef Production

Approximately 54% of all agricultural sales in the state of Maryland is from livestock sales. There were over 190,000 cattle and calves in Maryland in 2012. Beef production is concentrated in the central and western regions of the state, as are beef slaughter facilities. Take a look at the...


There are many different species of poultry that can be raised - from chickens to ostriches! The species you decide to raise will depend on the type of production you want to be involved with as well as your own personal preference. Poultry is usually classified into three categories: 1) egg layers...

Sheep and Goat

Sheep are ideally suited to a small-scale or part-time farming operation due to their nutritional versatility and adaptability. Sheep can be fed a very high concentrate diet (similar to swine), solely a forage diet, or any combination. Goats are highly adaptable animals that may be integrated into...


While Maryland may play host to one leg of the Triple Crown, not all horses in Maryland are bound for Pimlico. Use the following publications and resources to better understand how to raise healthy horses through nutritional and breeding management. Utilize the economic section to better manage the...


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