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News on Yahoo Groups (MG Listservs) and Replacement HGIC Glyphosate Information Montgomery County Pesticide Law Photo by Virginia White Mahaffey

Demo Garden Soil Reports

Photo by Robin Ritterhoff 2019 Soil Reports Derwood Demo Garden soil reports Derwood Demo Garden soil report map inside beds , map back beds

Board Meeting Minutes

Photo by Robin Ritterhoff Board Meeting Minutes 2019 September 2019 Board meeting minutes and attachments August 2019 Board meeting minutes and attachments July 2019 Board meeting minutes and attachments June 2019 Board meeting minutes and attachments May 2019 Board meeting minutes and attachments...

Archived Spring Conference Materials

2016 Spring Conference Creating a Children's Garden presentation Creating a Children's Garden handout Designing a Right Size Garden presentation Designing a Right Size Garden handout Healing Herbs presentation Healing Herbs handout Lasagna Gardening handout Lawn vs Lore presentation Lawn vs Lore...

Therapeutic Horticulture

Welcome to Therapeutic Horticulture (TH) Our committee’s program is a bit different from the other volunteer opportunities with MCMG. While your gardening knowledge and master gardening training can be put to good use creating any number of actual Therapeutic Horticulture projects, a key component...

4-H News & Notes Archive

News & Notes December 2016 ( pdf ) News & Notes September 2016 ( pdf ) News & Notes June 2016 ( pdf ) News & Notes March 2016 ( pdf ) News & Notes December 2015 ( pdf ) News & Notes October 2015 ( pdf ) News & Notes July 2015 ( pdf ) News & Notes April 2015 ( pdf )...

Montgomery County Grow It Eat It

Grow It Eat It Spring Open House Saturday, April 27th, 2019 · 12pm-4pm (with some programs starting earlier) Agricultural History Farm Park, 18400 Muncaster Road, Derwood, MD 20855 Most of the event is FREE (donations welcome) Come join us for fun event about growing anything edible! Visit our...

Archived Handouts and Presentations

2015 Monthly Meeting Talks: September 2015: Eric Wenger Building and Maintaining Lawns July 2015: Lisa Kuder Why We Need Bees (presentation), Landscaping practices for nesting bees , Native plants to attract bees , Butterfly gardens May 2015: Jeannine Dorothy Mosquitoes January 2015: Cheryl Corson...


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