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Introduction to Backyard Poultry - March 27, 2019 - Cantonsville, MD

A chilly day, but a very informative small flock/backyard poultry program took place in Catonsville, Maryland, at the Great Kids' Farm. Topics covered included: Introductory case and feeding of backyard poultry; Disease prevention and what symptoms to watch for; Local rules and regulations for...


Creole - Basic Management of Poultry in Developing Communities Swajili - Basic Management of Poultry in Developing Communities English - Basic Management of Poultry in Developing Communities

Poultry Health

Deep Pectoral Myopathy.pdf DISEASES OF CONCERN fact sheet.pdf Feather Pecking.pdf ILT Know the Symptoms....pdf In Case of HPAI Break Glass.docx Management for Disease Control.pdf Negligence and Avian Flu.pdf Poultry_Farm_Elec_Safety Protecting Your Flocks Health - Eng.pdf Protecting Your Flocks...


Biosecurity Checklist for 4-H Youth 2015rev.pdf BIOSECURITY FOR ALLIED BUSINESSES GOVT EMPLOYEES Biosecurity for farms 2015 Biosecurity-sign Recommended Disinfectants Biosecurity.pdf Current on-farm Biosecurity Implementation.pdf Biosecurity Videos (See More Under the 'Videos' Tab):


Preventing Outbreaks of Avian Influenza Through Science-based Education of: Commercial Poultry Farmers Technical Service Personnel English English Chinese Chinese Korean Korean Spanish Spanish Vietnamese Vietnamese Backyard Poultry Producers English Chinese Korean Spanish Vietnamese Electrical...

2018 Presentations and Resources

Backyard Predators - J. Rhodes Disease Prevention and Control: How do I keep my flock healthy? - N. Tablante Egg Grading Basics - D. Baldwin Feeds and Feeding - What are the nutritional needs of my poultry? J. Moyle Get Rich Raising Chickens (Niche Markets for Small Flock Poultry) - G. Myers Legal...

Discussion Group Meeting Notes

DISCUSSION GROUP MEETING - October 9, 2018 - Denton, MD Photo by Jon Moyle October 9, 2019 “Poultry Water Quality & No Antibiotics Ever Programs” by Dr. Tom Tabler, of Mississippi State University “On Farm Assessment of Broiler Welfare” by Dr. Shawna Weimer, of the University of Maryland...

Publications - Small Flock (Backyard)

Amount and Type of Feed Required for One Chicken Table.pdf Avian Pox Article.pdf Avian_Flu_Factsheet_Korean.pdf Avian_Flu_Factsheet_Vietnamese.pdf Backyard Biosecurity Brochure.pdf Backyard Poultry Producers Backyard Predators - J. Rhodes 2018 Basic Management of Intensive Poultry Production 02.21...

Publications - Commercial

COMMERCIAL POULTRY RESOURCES Broiler House Ventilation During Cold Wthr.pdf Broiler Production Management for Potential and Existing Growers - Extn Bulletin Como proteger la salud de su bandada.pdf ALERT ! CORYZA INFORMATION: - Infectious Coryza - FAQs - More on Infectious Coryza Deep Pectorial...


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