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Tree Fruit

Planting Tree Fruits Apples Pears Stone fruit - peach, cherries, plum apricots, nectarines Figs Tree Fruit Problems General Disease and Insect Pest Control Recommendations Home Fruit Preventative Spray Schedule Fruit Thinning Planting Pollination When to Spray Fruit Trees (bud development) Why...

Small Fruits

Planting Small Fruits Blueberries Gooseberry, Currant, and Elderberry Grapes Raspberries and Blackberries Strawberries Small Fruit Problems General Disease and Insect Pest Control Recommendations Home Fruit Preventative Spray Schedule Mulching and Irrigation Many small fruits—strawberries, currants...


(To troubleshoot problems go to Common Problems of Annuals, Bulbs, Groundcovers, Perennials, and Vines ) Perennials are plants that live year after year. This means the tops of the plants die back to the ground each fall with the first freeze. Every spring, new plant tops arise from the crown or...

Planting Annuals and Perennials

Soil Preparation Preparing the soil is important for flowers, especially perennials. Although some annuals can grow and flower in poorly prepared soil, few perennials survive more than one year if the soil is not properly prepared. Prepare the soil in your flower bed in the fall before you plant...

Fungal Diseases

Fungi are filamentous organisms that are for the most part microscopic, although some produce large structures such as toadstools or mushrooms. Approximately 100,000 fungal species have been described and most of them are beneficial or benign. Only about 8,000 fungal species cause plant diseases...


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