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Colorado Potato Beetle - Vegetables

Back to Vegetable Crops Adult Colorado Potato Beetle ( Leptinotarsa decemlineata) Photo: Dr. Michael J. Raupp Holes in eggplant or potato leaves. Holes in eggplants. Appearance Eggs : Orange ovals attached on end on the lower surface of leaves, in rowed clusters of about 20-60. Larvae : Plump,...

Oak Wilt

Wilt symptoms Photo: John N. Gibbs, Forestry Commission, Maryland depends on its oaks for cleaning our water and air, providing food for wildlife and is consistently in the top three most valued species for our wood products industry. For this reason oak wilt is considered an invasive...


The grapevine adapts relatively well to a wide range of soils and can be grown and manipulated rather easily. Here is how to care for your grape plants during the first year: Plant in early spring, 3 to 4 weeks before the last frost; The planting hole should be wide enough to accommodate the roots once spread out. After setting plants, remove all but one cane with up to six buds; After shoot growth begins from the buds and danger of spring frost is past, remove all but the two strongest shoots...

Thousand Cankers Disease

The walnut twig beetle is reddish-brown and 1.5 to 1.9 millimeters long. The disease is spread by this beetle when it makes galleries under the bark. The fungus causes the tissue to die disrupting the trees’ ability to take up water. The beetles entrance holes into the black walnut aren’t much bigger than a pin hole.

Impatiens Downy Mildew

The disease is caused by the funguslike microorganism, Plasmopara obducens , and is favored by cool, moist conditions. However, we continued to see symptoms even in hot weather. The disease affects both seed and cutting propagated Impatiens walleriana . It appears that New Guinea impatiens plants are resistant or tolerant.

Boxwood Blight

Back to Diseases - Shrubs Row of infected boxwoods in CT. Photo: Sharon Douglas, PhD, Plant Pathologist, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Box blight or boxwood blight has been causing defoliation of boxwoods throughout Europe since the late 1990’s. In October 2011, the disease was found...

Sudden Oak Death/Ramorum blight

Symptoms on infected rhododendron To date, Sudden Oak Death has not been found infecting oak trees in Maryland. The name "sudden oak death" is somewhat misleading and the disease is increasingly being referred to as " ramorum blight ", or " ramorum dieback ". Popular landscape plants including...

Invasive Diseases

An invasive species is a non-native species whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic harm, environmental harm, or harm to human health. Learn more about invasive diseases of concern in Maryland.


Strawberry Planting and Maintenance: Selection and Planting/Training Care (Fertilizing, harvesting, spray schedule info., etc.) Renovation/Overwintering Strawberry Problems The strawberry plant is composed of leaves, a crown (compressed, modified stem), and a root system. In heavy clay soils, 90%...

Raspberries and Blackberries (brambles)

Brambles Planting and Maintenance: Selection and Planting Care (fertilizing, harvesting, spray schedule info) Training/Pruning Raspberry-Blackberry Problems Red raspberries Black raspberries Purple raspberries Yellow raspberries Blackberries Brambles are defined as any species belonging to the...


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