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Indoor Rosemary Topiary Care

Rosemary topiaries shaped like a Christmas tree are great gifts to give and receive. If you are the lucky recipient, you should know a few things about how to care for rosemary indoors. First of all, rosemary is tricky to grow inside. A rosemary topiary has been grown under controlled conditions in...

Invasive Plant Resources

Resources Specific to Maryland Maryland Invasive Species Council Maryland’s Wild Acres, Bad Plants Planted by Good People Maryland Dept. of Agriculture - MD Invasive Plants Prevention and Control. (PDF) Columbia Association Weed Warrior Training Lecture of 9/10/16 Invasive Barberry Volunteer for...

Native Plant Resources

Resources Audubon Society Native Plants Database (PDF) - Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat and Conservation Landscaping in Maryland Chesapeake Bay Native Plant Selector Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council Maryland Native Plant Society Maryland Native Plant Society list of plant vendors (...

Fruit Resources

Important Questions to Ask Before Planting What types of fruit are best suited for the climate and soils in your location? Where in the landscape do you want these trees or plants placed and how much space is required? How much time and resources are needed on a regular basis to maintain fruit...

Resources for Maryland Lawns

(PDF) Maryland's Lawn Fertilizer Law University of Maryland Extension Lawn Fertilizer Schedule for Home Lawns (PDF) Consumer Information on MD's Lawn Fertilizer Law Maryland Department of Agriculture

Moss in Your Landscape

Typically, every year HGIC receives questions regarding moss in home lawns. Many homeowners have healthy growths of moss even in bright sunny exposures. The key to moss’s success is if we experience an abundance of wet, cool spring weather. Moss is an under-appreciated plant that deserves a closer...

Articles on Indoor and Seasonal Plants

Growing Dwarf Citrus Care of Amaryllis Indoor Rosemary Topiary Care Care of Phalaenopsis Orchids (moth orchid) Shamrock ( Oxalis ) Winter Houseplant Problems

Articles on Trees - Shrubs

American Holly Shines in Extreme Cold How do you Decide When to Remove a Tree? Rose is a Rose - 'Knock Out Roses' Why are Oak Trees Declining Why are Leyland Cypress Trees Turning Brown? What's Wrong with my Colorado Blue Spruce Tree?


I’m Lichen It! - Winter Peak Season for Lichen Peeping Pictured above - Beard lichen on dogwood trunk, Caroline County MD The wet, gray days at the end of winter seem like they may never end. But this is actually the perfect time of year to get out and appreciate those mysterious ‘plants’...


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