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Educational Resources

The below educational resources have been brought to you by the Baltimore County Master Gardeners: 1. Butterflies in the Park.pdf 2. Deer and Vole Control.pdf 3. interesting plants for shade gardens '14 pdf.pdf 4. Xeriscaping.pdf 5. Deer Resistant Plant List

MELD Invitation

Please let us know if you can or can not attend.

4-H Spring Gardens Registration

It’s time to prepare for your spring garden. This workshop will focus on getting you started on planting your spring garden. Topics include soil science, composting, preparing a seed bed, and planning your garden layout. We will also build and plant salad boxes. Salad boxes can be used as a...

4-H Veterinary Science Registration

This workshop will cover an introduction to veterinary care of livestock. Topics will include how to identify a sick animal, administering medication, basic animal first aid, and steps to keep animals healthy.

4-H All about Meats Registration

In this workshop you will learn about how to judge meat cuts to choose the highest quality cuts for your meal. Topics covered will include meat judging, cooking techniques, identifying cuts of meat, and livestock management factors affecting meat quality and contests for the fair that you can...

4-H Livestock Judging and Selection Registration

In this workshop you will learn about judging livestock quality and selecting quality project animals. Along with livestock judging we will learn how genetics affect animal traits. We will also learn about livestock related 4-H contests that you can participate in without owning an animal. These...

Registration for Baltimore County- Food preservation: Apple Butter 11.22.14

Please bring a check or cash on the day of the class. The cost is $35 for the first workshop, $20 for each additional workshop. To register please fill out the form below.

Re-certification for private pesticide applicator

Re-certification for private pesticide applicator There will be a recertification program held at the Extension Office, 1114 Shawan Road, Suite 2, Cockeysville, MD 21030

Private Pesticide Applicator Certification

New private pesticide applicator certification If you are a commercial agricultural producer and you do not currently have a private pesticide applicators license, and you need one to buy restricted-use chemicals, you can register for this Extension Training. The Program will be offered at the...


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