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POLIN: Pollinators Committee

Please contact our committee chairs for more information about technical adivce, talks, and workshops on this topic: Some resources from the UME Home Garden Information Center:

Ask a Master Gardener Plant Clinic

Got questions about your community garden or personal garden? We can help! Stop by a Plant Clinic and ask all your gardening questions. If we don't know the answer we know where you can find it! Connect with us! You can find the UME Baltimore City Master...

Grow It Eat It

Grow It Eat It Events, Classes, and Workshops in Baltimore City This page is regularly updated with Grow It Eat It events hosted by the UME Baltimore City Master Gardeners - organized by series and dates within each series The Grow It Eat It (GIEI) Program is a UME Master Gardener program that was...

Internal Links for MGs

Current Active Baltimore City Master Gardeners and Interns, here are some necessary links: UME Master Gardener Volunteer Managment System (VMS) - Volunteer and Education Hours Entry System ANGR Groups Page: Includes the Calendar, links to Advanced Education, the Current BCMG BoA, and other helpful...

Feed Our Future

What Is Feed Our Future ? Feed Our Future is an initiative of the University of Maryland Extension (UME)-Baltimore City that employs a community development approach to meeting the needs and interests of underserved communities within Baltimore City, particularity those located in food deserts. i...

Annual events and classes

The UME Urban Agriculture program hosts or helps organize several annual events and classes for urban farmers and food entrepreneurs. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter or follow us on Facebook for a heads-up when these classes are scheduled each year.

Technical Assistance FAQs

University of Maryland Extension, Baltimore City provides technical assistance to urban farmers upon request, as time allows. Neith Little, the Urban Agriculture Extension Educator enjoys working with farmers one-on-one to help them learn what they need to better achieve their goals. If you are a...


Urban Agriculture Extension This is the monthly newsletter of Urban Ag Extension in Baltimore City. Subscribe to stay up to date on upcoming events and the latest articles and resources. University of Maryland Extension also publishes several other timely, applied newsletters that urban farmers may...


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