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QGIS Training Videos

The training videos below are for use with QGIS 2.8, an older version than is currently being used. They still may be helpful to help you navigate through QGIS 2.16, however.


QGIS is an Open Source Geographical Information System program – it comes with the right to download, run, copy, alter, and redistribute the software for free. It is designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present all types of geographically referenced data. Nutrient Management...

QGIS Help Guides and Templates

Help Guides: Lesson 1 - Geographic Information Systems and Their Use in Nutrient Management (updated 5/12/17) Lesson 2 - Downloading County Files and Installing QGIS (updated 5/12/17) Lesson 3 - Introduction to QGIS (updated 5/12/17) Lesson 4 - Using Google Earth Pro to Draw Field Boundaries and...

PFRP Biosolids Labels

Below you will find the labels for various biosolids products that may be used in Maryland: NEFCO Cumberland Dried Biosolids Pellets Watershed Resource Center PHOS-FIX and EcoGro Ocean City Biosolids Soil Amendment Product Elkton Biogood Slow Release Soil Amendment Easton Utilities Biosolids...

Climate Change

Managing Risk in a Changing Climate (March 27, 2017) Powerpoint Presentation Weathering Water Extremes in the Changing Climate of the Mid-Atlantic (March 27, 2017) Powerpoint Presentation Impact of Grain Farming on Climate Change (March 22, 2016) PowerPoint Presentation

Soil Amendments

Beneficial Use of Gypsum in Soil Management: Reduction in Erosion and Soluble P Loss (November 14, 2016) PowerPoint Presentation Beneficial Use of Gypsum in Crop Production and Soil Management (March 22, 2016) PowerPoint Presentation

Gypsum Pubs

Amending Soils with Gypsum Fact Sheet: Gypsum

Food Safety

FSMA and GAP Resources and Pubs

FSMA and GAP Resources/Pubs

The decision trees from the National GAPs program, including the soil amendments tree, can be found here: In addition to the chart itself, each decision tree includes sample logsheets, template language (which can be used in a food safety plan), and a glossary...


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