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Precision Farming

FS-1056 - "Providing Aerial Images through UAVs" FS-1046 - "Precision Soil Sampling Helps Farmers Target Nutrient Application"

Erosion Estimates (A value)

Q: Both the UM-PSI software and the UM-PMT software require the RUSLE A value. Where is this information in a RUSLE printout? Is it also indicated in a soil conservation plan? A: In soil loss estimation tools (USLE, RUSLE and RUSLE2), “A” is the average annual soil loss in tons per acre per year...

P Risk Assessments on Pastures

Q. Can animals be pastured on fields with FIV-P ≥ 150? Is P risk assessment required? A. Based on MDA policy put forth in MDA’s Nutrient Management Guidance for Certain Animal Operations (2000) there is no restriction on pasturing animals on fields whose FIV-P ≥ 150. A P risk assessment is not...

Plan Requirements for Unusual Operations

Q. We produce microgreens in a greenhouse. We do not use fertilizers, only a compost-based organic potting soil mix. We do gross over the $2,500 a year in sales. Would we still need a greenhouse nutrient management plan? A. Yes. If the operation grosses $2,500 or more, the fact that you do not...

2017 Sewage Sludge Plant Available Nitrogen (PAN) Rates Table (MDE)

2017 Sewage Sludge Plant Available Nitrogen (PAN) Rates Table (Maryland Department of the Environment)

NuMan Pro 4.2.3

NuMan Pro 4.2.3 has now been released. This program is for tier determination only . Instructions for Installing and Using NuMan Pro 4.2.3 for Tier Group Reporting Executable File: IMPORTANT NOTE. If you have downloaded/...

Manure, Soil, and Growing Media Lab Comparison Sheets

Manure Testing Lab Comparison (1-14-19) Soil Testing Lab Comparison (1-14-19) Growing Media Lab Comparison (1-14-19)

Precision Soil Sampling (Other Organization Pubs)

North Dakota State University and USDA Developing Zone Soil Sampling Maps

Sewage Sludge (Biosolids)

Sewage Sludge Management (Title 26, Chapter 06)


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