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2020 Presentations, Slides, and Additional Resources

Day 1: Natural Resources and Environmental Stewardship by Brian Kalmbach pdf of slides Presentation recording Basic Soil Science by Emileigh Lucas pdf of slides Presentation recording Basic Soil Fertility by David Ruppert pdf of slides Presentation recording Day 2: Commercial Fertilizer and Lime...

2019 Presentations, slides, and additional resources

Additonal Practice Equations: Common Math Problems Dr. Ruppert's Conversions in Nutrient Management Guidance Dr. Ruppert's Exchange Capacity Calculation Guidance Presentations: Natural Resources and Environmental Stewardship, Presented by Brian Kalmbach Slides Basic Soil Science, Presented by...

Soil Health

Soil Health: What Does it Mean in North Carolina (Deanna Osmond et al., NC State Extension, Nov 2018) Phosphorus and Soil Health Management Practices (Emily Duncan et al., Agricultural & Environmental Letters, July 2019)

Tissue Testing

Q. My client has several small blocks (about half an acre each) of perennial fruits in his orchard. Are tissue tests required for each of these areas? A. Effective December 2017, Maryland Department of Agriculture no longer requires tissue tests for perennial fruits in blocks less than 1 acre in...

Intensive Small-Scale Food Production Operations

Worksheets: 3-1 (Converting to MD Fertility Index Values) 3-2 (Interpreting soilless media tests) 4-1 (Estimating Plant Available N in manure) 5-1 (Manure N credits for prior years) 5-2 (N recommendation worksheet for crop production using manure and commercial fertilizer) 5-3 (Nitrogen, phosphate...

NuManPro 5.0 Download and Update Instructions

To download and install (updated 4/22/2019): Use the download instructions to guide your installation of NuMan Pro 5.0 In order to download NuMan Pro 5.0 directly from the link below, NuMan Pro 4.2 must already be installed on your system. Contact our program office to order NuMan Pro 5.0 if you...

Spring-established Perennial Forage Crops

Q: When giving nutrient recommendations for a spring-seeded perennial forage crop, should I also include maintenance recommendations for the same growing season? A: The pre-plant fertilizer recommendations sustain the crop through the first cutting. After the first cutting, maintenance...

Duration of Plan

Q. My client has less than 20 animal units, so I know that we can use book values for the manure nutrient content rather than requiring a manure sample. She would like a multi-year plan, but isn’t sure on which fields she’ll end up applying the manure. Is it ok to develop a plan with multiple field...

Record Keeping Templates

Recordkeeping instructions and templates for small-scale fruit and vegetable growers

Liquid Fertilizer Densities

MDA: Common Liquid Fertilizer Weights Fluid Fertilizer Foundation: Fluid Fertilizer Densities


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