azaleas dying due to poor planting location

Azaleas failing due to poor site choice for azaleas

Updated: April 18, 2022

Key points

  • Landscape plants are an investment. Proper care after planting will help them get off to a healthy start. 
  • During the establishment period (about 2 years), a transplanted tree or shrub needs extra care. Lack of care could lead to failure.
  • Regular watering is especially important to promote growth and to compensate for the reduced root system.
  • A field-grown tree can lose up to 90% of its root system in the transplanting process. Too much or too little water during the establishment period is the most common cause of poor plant growth. 
  • Until a tree/shrub is fully established, the growth rate is slower than normal. A large tree requires a longer establishment period than a small tree, generally one year for each inch of trunk diameter.