Autumn olive

Autumn Olive (Photo by James H. Miller, USDA Forest Service,

Updated: March 29, 2021

Resources for information about common invasive trees and shrubs in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region.

General Resources

Northeastern Invasive Plants Directory - USDA Forest Service

Invasive Species - University of Maryland's Home and Garden Information Center

Maryland Invasive and Exotic Species - Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Noxious Weeds in Maryland - Maryland Department of Agriculture

Invasive Species (Common Name - Alphabetical Order)

Bush Honeysuckles (Amur, Morrow's, Tartarian, and Others)

USDA Forest Service

Maryland Invasive Species Council (Amur)

Maryland Invasive Species Council (Japanese)

Maryland Invasive Species Council (Morrow's)

Maryland Invasive Species Council (Tartarian)

 Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group (all exotic bush honeysuckles)