Updated: March 13, 2021

A healthy, dense, vigorous lawn is the best defense against weeds. Practices that contribute to less weed problems include:

Common lawn weeds and conditions that favor their growth

Problem/condition Weeds that may grow
Shade-intolerant turfgrass has begun to thin out and decline in the shade Ground ivywild violets
Compacted soil Broadleaf plantaingoosegrassknotweedprostrate spurgeannual bluegrass
Droughty soil Yarrowprostrate spurgeknotweedblack medicgoosegrass
Wet soil Bentgrass, roughstalk bluegrassNutsedgewild violets
Lawn mowed too short Chickweedcrabgrassannual bluegrass
Lawn grown with infrequent
applications of nitrogen fertilizer
Plantainblack medic, lespedezanimblewillchicoryclovercommon speedwell
High levels of nitrogen Annual bluegrassCommon chickweed
Acidic soils Red sorrel