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Jan 01, 2019

Water Quality and Food Safety Understanding Factors Impacting Surface Water Quality

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (PSR) requires farmers to test water used for agricultural production for generic E. coli. This document helps farmers understand how to interpret their water testing results, environmental factors that can impact those results, and solutions for high bacteria levels.
Jan 01, 2019

Paying for Healthcare or Daycare? Flexible Spending Accounts Can Help!

A flexible spending account is a great, tax-advantaged tool that can help you save for health and dependent care expenses. This fact sheet provides a template to estimate the amount of money to set aside when establishing a flexible spending account. Information about establishing and using a flexible spending account is also contained.
Dec 01, 2018

Valuing On-Farm Heir’s Sweat Equity Is Complicated and Agreements Should Be Developed to Fairly Compensate On-Farm Heirs

Determining the value of sweat equity can be both challenging and controversial for farm families. Sweat equity arises as an issue when an on-farm heir receives payment at below market rate, and the farm business grows in size due to an on-farm heir’s below-market labors. Land in the farm may also appreciate in value due to the work of the on-farm heir. It is important to note that the best solution for handling sweat equity is to agree early on to pay the on-farm heir at a market rate. Handling sweat equity early on may necessitate the on-farm heir also working off the farm for additional income if the farm cannot support an additional person fulltime. It is important to discuss the farm succession plan and limit the possibility of sweat equity claims at an early stage of farm expansion.
Dec 01, 2018


Stormwater runoff is capable of causing nuisance flooding, can negatively impact property, and may be caused by neighbors’ attempts to correct their own flooding issues. Landowners impacted by stormwater runoff should consider educating themselves on their rights and responsibilities, take steps to document the problem, communicate with neighbors and agencies, and seek mediation if the situation cannot be resolved amicably
Nov 01, 2018

Food Safety for Persons with Diabetes

About 30.3 million Americans have diabetes, while 25% of Americans do not know they have diabetes. Diabetics are susceptible of acquiring a foodborne illness, but may not realize such risks. The fact sheet is to inform diabetics what foodborne illness is, how it specifically affects diabetics, and ways to reduce risk in a one page document.
Diabetes word cloud
Nov 01, 2018

Measuring Wood Moisture & Drying Time for Hardwood Tree Species

Knowing why and how to measure wood moisture in your firewood is key to reducing emissions and maximizing the amount of heat you get from your wood stove.This factsheet provides some examples of drying time for firewood and practical steps you can take to properly season firewood for your wood stove.
Oct 01, 2018


As interest in educating students about gardening and food production increases, it will be helpful to outline food safety principles in school settings. This fact sheet uses a pre-existing University of Maryland Extension fact sheet and expands it to include more information on rain barrels, lead in soil, chickens, and school policies. It also includes a glossary of terms.
May 01, 2018

Spotted Lanternfly

The spotted lanternfly (Lycorma delicatula) is a new invasive pest insect in the Mid-Atlantic. It has the potential to be an important pest on several important crops. It has been detected in several states that border Maryland, but has not yet been detected in Maryland. This publication highlights identification, biology, and what the Maryland public should do if they find a spotted lanternfly.
Apr 01, 2018

Grow it, Eat It, Freeze It, The Basics of Freezing Foods at Home

Food preservation creates a sustainable supply of food throughout the year. When consumers purchase food to preserve, it means less food waste for the farmer. Freezing is a simple, quick and convenient method to preserve food. This publication shares the basics of freezing food at home.
Apr 01, 2018

Packing Methods for Freezing Foods, A Guide to Packing Foods before Freezing

There are several ways to pack fruits, vegetables, and meats for freezing. Packing helps to retain the flavor of the foods and minimizes textural changes in foods during freezing. This fact sheet shares tips on freezing fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish.