Food preservation is a reemerging skill in Maryland. Learn where canning classes are being taught by trained educators. Classes are for beginners and veterans alike.

July 8, 2020

July 16, 2018

Food Preservation Season is Upon Us. Talk to your Family & Consumer Sciences Educator to get Your Dial Gauge and/or Pressure Canner Lid(s) Examined for FREE! 

Since the nineteenth century, canning has been one of the most common types of preservation techniques used in households. With advancing scientific discoveries, we now have come to the stage where we know how the canning can preserve food. By using established safe practices, various foodborne illnesses like, Botulism can be prevented.

For years, USDA approved canning techniques classes and workshops have been taught to our Maryland communities. With the growing demand in this area,  these classes/workshops are now an integral part of Grow It Eat It program developed by University of Maryland Extension. 

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