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Grow It Eat It

Pollinating insects help produce the fruits, vegetables and nuts we eat by transfering pollen from one plant to another.  This transfer fertilizes the plant and makes seeds and flowers and fruits.  Pollinators are responsible for 85% of the fruits and vegetables we eat.  They are a gardeners friend.  Famous pollinating insects: are honey bees, bumble bees and butterflies.

Predator insects helps plants by eating bugs or sucking the fluids from them.  They help eliminate bad bugs in the garden which damage leaves, and fruit.  They are a gardener's friend.   Famous predators insects are: ladybeetles (they eat aphids), dragonflies (they eat mosquitos), and Praying Mantis (they eat a variety of insects and small animals), Spiders (they eat a variety of insects),  and Lacewings (they eat aphids, whiteflies and spider mites).

Parasitoids insects lay their eggs in live catepillars.  The larvae of these insects eat the insides of the catepillars creating a mummified catepillar.  Famous parasitoids insects are parasitic wasps.

If you want to beneficial insects to come to your garden or yard, do not use pesticides.



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