University of Maryland Extension

Health and Wellness

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge in our busy world. The University of Maryland Extension offers community outreach programs that help youth, individuals, and families make informed decisions about their health, housing and overall well-being. The following programs and resources are offered:

Smart Choice Health Insurance - Basics 

Choosing the right health care insurance plan makes you a smart consumer.  Increases your understanding of health insurance and provides strategies for selecting a health care plan that will meet your health care needs and fit your spending plan. 

Smart Use Health Insurance - Smart Actions

Knowing how to use your health insurance will make you a smart health care consumer.  Identify smart actions that will help you become a Smart User of health insurance.  

Smart Use Health Insurance - Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs

Taking care of your health care costs makes you a smart health care consumer.  Better understand and estimate your health care expenses so you can plan for future health care costs. 

Smart Use Health Insurance - Your Health Insurance Benefits 

Do you know what your health insurance covers? Understanding your health insurance benefits will make you a smart health care consumer.  Learn strategies for understanding, getting and using your health insurance benefits. 



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