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Directory Connects Farmers and Shoppers

New Maryland Niche Meats and Poultry Producers Directory Connects Farmers and Shoppers

Looking for locally raised meats and poultry? The Maryland Niche Meats Producers Directory is designed to help you find locally produced, high quality meats and poultry at a farm conveniently located near you.
This online directory has been organized by product for easy aggregation of suppliers and ease of online searching.  Just click on the large icon of the type of meat or poultry you‘re looking for and a list of Maryland Niche Meat producers for that product will pop open. 

  To access the directory you can go to —scroll down and click on directory icon.  It will take you to directory home page.

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No matter your buying preference, the Maryland Niche Meat and Poultry Producers Directory aims to help you connect with local farmers.

  Why buy meat from local farmers?

  * Because it is an opportunity to eat flavorful, high quality meat;
* Learn how the animal was raised by meeting the person who raised it;
* Have the meat processed to your specifications when buying in quantity;
* Buy meat for prices that are often comparable to the average retail price;
* Support your local economy by keeping your dollars in your community;
* Make informed food purchasing decisions.

  This directory does not replace other listings or directories, but supplements them as a varietal sourcing list. The mention of, visual representation, or referred reference to a product, service, or organization in this publication does not imply endorsement by the author or any of the partners. Exclusion does not imply a negative evaluation. Descriptions are provided by the supplier, and not verified or monitored by the University of Maryland Extension.

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