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When preparing your presentation, you will be responsible for the following:

  1. Bringing your presentation on a USB drive.
  2. Handouts for participants
  3. Any supplemental evaluation you would like

The conference will provide:

  1. laptop
  2. projector
  3. screen
  4. sign-in sheet
  5. presentation remote clicker
  6. uniform session evaluation

You will be notified no later than April 15th of your room assignment and maximum potential participants. Additional presenter information will be provided in the near future- check back often!

If you need any additional equipment, please notify Patsy Ezell or Virginia Brown no later than Friday, April 21.

Types of Conference Presentations:

  1. Workshop - Sixty-minute interactive capacity-building workshop. Participants learn how to utilize a new approach, program, curriculum, or method.
  2. Panel – Sixty-minute presentation focused on an issue in the area of national health, safety, and wellness outreach. The panel must have 2-3 presenters and a panel chair (to moderate the panel and provide brief introductory and concluding remarks).
  3. Seminar - Sixty-minute session designed to help participants gain a deeper understanding of a phenomenon, concept, or issue.
  4. Program/Research/Evaluation Report – Thirty-minute presentation that shares results of community assessments, program evaluation outcomes and/or impacts studies, applied research, programmatic interventions, or campus-community partnerships.
  5. Poster- Information about a program, project, program evaluation, or resource, to be displayed and hosted by the presenter during a reception.

    Poster Details:

    • Maximum Size: 4' x 4'
    • Posters will be displayed on 8' panels--two per panel, side by side.
    • Push pins will be provided.
  6. iGNITE Session – Presentations of five minutes with a maximum of 15 PowerPoint slides. This fast-paced approach shares high impact ideas, outreach efforts, successful programs, innovations, and/or creative collaborations. Please list any references that inspired your activity, if appropriate. Ten presentations will be grouped together to form a session hosted by a moderator.
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