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Spring Nutrient Management News

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Sara BhaduriHauck

Even it doesn’t feel like it yet, it is spring! Our goal is to have current Nutrient Management Plans in our client’s hands prior to any nutrient applications, but that depends on you.

Have you met with and provided your advisor with the information needed to develop your plan for spring 2014? If not, you are late. It is important for you to get on your advisor’s schedule today. A complex plan will take days to complete if all of the information is provided and there are no questions. If information is lacking or if any type of study is involved, it may take longer.

Developing your custom-built Nutrient Management Plan requires the following information:

  • Tax account ID number
  • Aerial maps
  • Current soil analysis (soil analyses are valid for three years)
  • Current manure analysis (manure analyses are valid for one year)
  • Animal information
  • Bedding information (type and amount)
  • Manure applications for the past 3 years
  • Previous year’s crop rotations
  • Current year’s crop rotations 

Note: Specific situations may require additional information and/or maps.

Remember that Maryland Nutrient Management Plans are developed following recommendations from University of Maryland research. This research was done in Maryland, on Maryland soils, by professors from the University of Maryland with proven results. Fertilizer recommendations from soil labs are not accepted by MDA (Maryland Department of Agriculture) as a substitute for a Nutrient Management Plan.

Please allow adequate time for plan development. Working together, we can get it done! Call your advisor today!


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