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Recruitment begins for 2014 Master Gardener class in Baltimore County.

master Gardeners
Past Master Gardeners receiving their awards

Is it that time of year again? No, it’s not! Right about now, the Training & Development Committee would be putting “the final touches” on preparations for the upcoming training class. However, this year is different.

The T&D Committee decided to use 2013 to improve and revamp the program. We took a look at our training: the application process, subjects, delivery, logistics, handouts, and exams; basically, every detail that makes up our Master Gardener Training Program. We’ve kept what has worked in the past, tweaked our processes, revamped the paperwork, and flat out designed some new segments. More hands-on, “back to the basics” gardening, to prepare our trainees to help in the Demonstration Garden and work on our many committees.

A big change for 2014 Training is the timing of the training. Katie Dott said, “Let’s have it in the winter; trainees will complete training and be ready to help out with our many projects.” Some comments were voiced – what about bad weather? What happens if it’s icy or it snows and the Agriculture Center is closed? These are valid concerns, but surmountable ones.

So, everyone, mark your calendars, tell your friends and neighbors. The 2014 Master Gardener Training classes will begin on January 31 and end on April 4. There are 10 Fridays, from 8:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Competition will be fierce to get into our class (we’ve been told we have the best training in the state) and it will be limited to the best of the best, the lucky 25 outstanding trainees who get selected for our class.

Applications will be sent out on September 1. Deadline date is October 15. Members of the class of 2014 will be notified on November 15. If you would like to be involved in the T & D Committee or any part of the training, please contact Rita Donoho.

To sign up for this year's class please click here.

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