University of Maryland Extension

Rabbit and Cavy Breeders Club May Meeting

Robby and Zachary Wagner gave a demonstration 'Pumpkin-It's Not Just For Halloween'. Their demonstration was interactive with club members as everyone crushed up their feed pellets and added some canned pumpkin to make a mixture for struggling rabbits as well as newly weaned rabbits.

The Wagner boys then led a workshop 'Med Supplies For Your Tack Box' . The group made a medical supply kit for their rabbits. This included: apple cider vinegar, thermometer, corn starch, antibiotic cream, mite cream, nail clippers,hand sanitizer, pencil, bandaid s, alcohol wipes, eye drops, cottonballs, syringe and a notebook with instructions and for their herd data keeping.

The club voted to pay their March Show Judges an additional $50 each for a job well done. The club also voted to donate $100 to the Carroll County Humane Society specifically for the care of the numerous kittens that have come into the shelter.

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