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Progressive Clovers Achievement Program

The Progressive Clovers 4-H Club held their Achievement program on April 9th. We recognized the following members for doing unit completions:

Amelia Miller, Ryan Arnold, Emily Fritz, Savanah Williams, Marina Weller, Bryce Zepp, Kelsey Zepp, Alexis Adkins, Maddie Arbaugh, Evan Arnold, Mason Arnold, Grady McGrew, Trinity Miller, Jesse Owings, Ryan Owings, Sammy Powell, Tessie Weant, Owen Boone, Corey Burtner, Grady Dell, Josie Dell, Blaine Edwards, Evan Fair, Tiffany Green, Cooper Little, Sawyer Little, Atley Miller, Jaycey Miller, Logan Miller, Shawn Owings, Audrey Robertson, Dahon Saunders, Deana Sichert, Kiley Sheubrooks, Jena Stambaugh.

Holstein DJM Books were completed Amelia Miller, Kelsey Zepp. Junior Record Book were completed by Amelia Miller, and Savannah Williams. Clover Memory Books were completed by Chloe Miller, and Brindal Williams.

  • Perfect attendance - Chloe Miller
  • Welcome Aboard Clover- Callie Bertier, Grace Bertier, Audrey Miller, Lane, Elysia Penn- Feliciano
  • Clover Up and Coming- Lauren Sichert, Brindal Williams
  • Clover Going and Growing- Josie Biser, Ella Fritz
  • Outgoing Clover- Kolt Henley, Keegan McGrew, Chloe Miller, Ben Powell, Lexi Zepp
  • Welcome Aboard- Lucy Bowers, Lily Bertier, Jarrett Edwards, Jaidyn Mantua, Ciannah Sinnott
  • You've Only Just Begun- Tristan Kiser, Grady McGrew, Jesse Owings, Kiley Sheubrooks
  • Junior Breeding Goat Award- Mason Arnold
  • Junior Dairy Award- Blaine Edwards
  • Junior Horse Award- Emily Fritz
  • Junior Judging Award- Cooper Little, Sawyer Little
  • Junior Sheep Award- Sammy Powell
  • Junior Rabbit Award- Jena Stambaugh
  • Intermediate Going and Growing Award - Joe Loy
  • Intermediate Dog Award- Maddie Arbaugh
  • Intermediate Goat Award- Evan Arnold
  • Intermediate Beef Award- Lane Barnes, Owen Boone, Corey Burtner, Josie Dell, Logan Miller
  • Intermediate Swine Award- Evan Fair
  • Intermediate Dairy Award- Atley Miller, Jaycey Miller, Bryce Zepp, Kelsey Zepp
  • Intermediate Sheep Award- Audrey Robertson
  • Senior Going and Growing- Dani Renner
  • Senior Agriculture Award- Brandon Arbaugh
  • Senior Dairy Award- Tiffany Green, Trinity Miller
  • Senior Dairy Steer Award- Alexis Adkins, Marina Weller
  • Senior Livestock Award- Grady Dell
  • Senior Poultry Award- Ryan Owings, Shawn Owings
  • Senior Sheep Award- Dahon Saunders
  • Senior Waterfowl Award- Ryan Arnold
  • Senior Citizenship Award- Tessie Weant
  • Outstanding 1st Year- Deana Sichert
  • Outstanding Junior- Savannah Williams
  • Outstanding Intermediate - Amelia Miller
  • Alumni Award- Bradley Arbaugh

The following leaders were recognized for helping the leader Angela Arnold, Shannon Franklin, Rita Holland, Tanya Miller, Teresa Ridinger, Amy Stambaugh, Joanne Weant, Melissa Weller.

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