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Maryland 4-H Turns Attention Towards Food Insecurity

4-H logo food access and security

The first-ever Maryland 4-H issue forum, a gathering of the college's 4-H youth to focus on a singular issue of importance to the state, was held June 27-29, 2018 at College Park. This year's focus was around food and nutritional security, one of AGNR's five strategic initiatives. 

This video (below) is intended to be a celebration of 4-H's dedication towards educating themselves and others on the importance of food and nutritional security. As Nia expresses in the video - "We want to build a sense of empathy among our young people so that they see the world as bigger than just themselves, that they care about what's going on around them."

This is a wonderful example of a major programmatic effort to guide its educational efforts towards one of our initiative areas. Congratulations to Jeff Howard and Nia Imani Fields and their team for a successful issue forum. We look forward to many more!

Watch the viedo at the link below:

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