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Fall Nutrient Management Planning

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Patricia Hoopes

Fall is already here: corn silage harvest is coming to a close, and the corn grain harvest has started. WOW! Where did summer go?

University of Maryland Extension Nutrient Management Advisors offer the following services to assist with plan development and updates:

  • Fall Soil Nitrate Testing (FSNT): This test can be done at the Extension office or in a lab. It determines nitrate levels in the soil. You can find more information about this test in Extension Brief EBR-15 2013, which is available upon request.
  • Corn silage yield determination: This is useful if other forms of yield determination are not available or if yields are being affected by wildlife damage.
  • Corn grain yield determination: This may be useful if deer damage has reduced yields.
  • Corn stalk nitrate test information: Lab testing is required to determine nitrate content, but publication NM-8 (revised April 2010) is available from our office if you’d like to learn more about the testing. The CSNT determines the concentration of nitrate in stalks and rates them as low, marginal, optimum or excessive.
  • Manure spreader calibration: The amount of N-P-K applied can be determined using the spreader application rate and the manure analysis. The Nutrient Management Advisor can visit your farm and help you perform the calibration.

Note that fall is a great time to take field soil samples and manure samples in preparation to update your Nutrient Management Plan. Early plan development helps with fall lime applications and early discounted fertilizer purchases.


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