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Fall Beef Weigh In

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Saturday, Nov. 1, 2014 - 8:00am to 3:00pm
Garrett County Fairgrounds
Garrett County Fairgrounds
270 Mosser Road
McHenry, MD 21541Members planning to sell a steer at the 2015 Garrett County Fair must bring their steer to the fall weigh-in event. We wil
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Garrett County Livestock Association & UME Garrett Office

Members planning to sell a steer at the 2015 Garrett County Fair must bring their steer to the fall weigh-in event. We will only be having one weigh-in day. Date: Saturday, November 1st from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm

Location: Garrett County Fairgrounds In case of bad weather, cancellation announcements will be made on radio stations: WFRB and WKHJ. If the date needs to be rescheduled, the make-up date will be Saturday, November 8th.

The 2015 Garrett County Fair will be on August 1 through August 8, 2015. For those members planning to have a market steer in 2014, when choosing your calf, please keep in mind the earlier fair date and the minimum weight requirement for steers, 1,000-pound minimum weight. All male livestock market animals of beef cattle must be neutered and healed prior to 4-H weigh-in and tagging. The only exception would be animals that have obvious signs they have been banded, however, their scrotal sack is still intact.

Policy for Designation of County Bred Animals

The County Bred Market Animal Certification card must be completed including the signature of the breeder. Please have the card completed when you arrive for weigh-in and tagging. Only animals bred and born in Garrett County are eligible for competition in this class. Animals purchased at the stockyard may be eligible for the county bred program if they were bred and born in Garrett County. The stockyard staff can provide you with the name and contact information to help you determine eligibility. Animals purchased from a producer outside of the county by a Garrett County resident and resold to a Garrett County 4-H or FFA member are not eligible for county bred program because they were not born in Garrett County. Animals not declared as country bred at the time of tagging will not be eligible for the county bred program at the 2015 Garrett County Fair.

Fall Weigh-in Procedures

Please review thoroughly before weigh-in.

1. Complete the forms before going to the scales to weigh your animal.

• Front of Card - Identification of Market Animal Card (Blue Card) *The 4-H/FFA member must read and sign the card *The member’s name and parent’s/guardian’s name on this card is used to complete the sale bill.  Call the UME Garrett 4-H office to obtain this card.

• Back of Card - County Bred Certification – if applicable (blue-colored card) *The animal purchased from or bred/owner signature is required on the card.  Call the UME Garrett 4-H office to obtain this card

• Maryland 4-H Livestock Registration and Code of Ethics (salmon-colored form) *The 4-H/FFA member and a parent/guardian must sign the front and back of the form.

2. Take your animal to the scales along with your completed paperwork.

3. You should know the immunization status of your steer so you will know if you need the immunization that will be provided at weigh-in by the Livestock Association.

4. Important! ~ Bring all completed paperwork to the registration table (give to Wanda or Ann) before you leave the fairgrounds.

The Livestock Association representatives who will be conducting the weigh-in understand that you have not had a lot of time to work with your animal. To have the weighing and tagging go as smoothly as possible, please abide by the following guidelines:

1. Your animal should be wearing a halter (this does not mean it is expected to be halter broken, the halter will be used for restraining purposes).

2. Please try to work with your animal enough that they are comfortable with you and are controllable.

4-H/FFA Youth with Market Animals Guide Book ~ 2015, complied by the Garrett County Livestock Association & University of Maryland Extension Garrett County Office, will be handed out in January.

The Fall Weigh-in is a mandatory event for all youth with a market steer project!

Please share this information with anyone who may be planning to have a steer for the first time in 2015.

Ann C. Sherrard
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