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Cheetah's April Meeting

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Deanna Geiman

Cheetah’s 4H club meets the first Monday of the month at St. Mary’s Church in Silver Run at 7PM.

Cheeth’s 4-H club met 4/1/19 at 7PM. Our guest speaker was Becky Ridgeway from the extension office. She taught us about the 4 compartments of a cows stomach. We were all asked to bring a plastic water bottle for an experiment. Becky had us mix warm water, yeast and corn syrup in our bottles. We put a balloon over the opening of the bottle. We then mixed everything up well. Slowly the balloon started to inflate. The balloon represented how the cows stomach breaks down it’s food and releases a gas. We really enjoyed having Becky Ridgeway at our club meeting and learned a lot.

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