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Carrollton Club's 2016 Officers

On Monday, January 4, 2016 at St. John’s Lutheran Church in Westminster, members of the Carrollton 4-H Club inducted their new 2016 Club Officers. Caroline MacLean-Blevins was elected as Club President with Mathew Nevin as Vice President. Avery Dull took the office of Secretary and the Club Treasurer is now Elliott Alster. The following members pledged to be Club Reporters: Breann Sheckells, Colleen Sheckells, and Ana Yeager.

Also that evening, the club welcomed six new members. The newly pinned members are Charlotte Chamelin from Lineboro, Gannon Hackler and Owen Hackler from Hampstead, Marley Rill and Trey Rill also from Hampstead, and Hayley Yuenger from Westminster.

The rest of the evening was dedicated to member presentations. Kaitlyn Davey gave a PowerPoint presentation about two recent trips that she earned through the 4-H Program. She attended the National 4-H Congress Conference. This event was held in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2015. Davey also spoke about her trip to the National Poultry Judging Contest, which was held in Kentucky.

Bryce Davy and Jacob Newton also gave a PowerPoint presentation on their 4-H trip to Indianapolis for the National Youth Engineering Challenge. Newton competed in the aerospace division while Davey used his skills to compete in the electronics division.

All of the presentations were very interesting and informative. They gave new members a taste of what the 4-H Program has to offer. It’s awesome that 4-H is open to all and accommodates so many different interests. For more information regarding the 4-H Program, please call 410-386-2760.

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