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Carrollton 4-H Club Hosts a February Mini Fair

Monday, February 6, 2017 at St. John's Lutheran Church in Westminster new officers of the Carrollton 4-H Club assumed their new leadership roles. 2017 Officers include: Co-Presidents - Avery Dull and Matthew Nevin; Vice President - Caroline MacLean-Blevins; Secretary - Ana Yeager; Treasurer - Elliott Alster; and Reporters - Mackenzie Dicke, Michelle Victor, and Julianna Dicke. Our newest members of the club serve as our Pledge Leaders and they include Brenna Chamelin, age 5, Derek Yuenger, age 10 and Maquela Schissler, age 6.

Serena Newton and Mrs. Denise Beard presented a new service learning project to the club. The club will paint pottery bowls for The Shepherd's Staff's First Annual Empty Bowls of Carroll County. Then on Sunday, March 26 club members will help serve soups to the community at the Empty Bowls event held at St. Paul's United Church of Christ in Westminster.

The remainder of the meeting was dedicated to Carrollton's First Mini Fair. Members of the club brought projects to enter in the categories of Crafts, Foods, and Photography. Participants presented their exhibits to the judges and practiced their public speaking skills as they spoke about their creations. Corn bread, tie-dyed t-shirts, and beautiful photographs were just some of the amazing exhibits entered and displayed. The mini fair gave new members a taste of what the
4-H county fair is about in August.

Our next meeting will be held Monday, March 6 which is our annual plants, gardening and horticulture night!

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