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Carrollton 4-H Club Achievement Banquet

Carrollton 4-H members were welcomed by past president Nick Jones to their 2014 Club Achievement Banquet on May 4, 2015. After a pizza and salad dinner and foods prepared by our 4-H families, the past Executive Board was congratulated for all their hard work. They were: President - Nick Jones; Vice-Presidents - Kristina Bailey and Dorothy MacLean-Blevins; Secretary - Caroline MacLean-Blevins; Treasurer - Natalie Panagakos; and Reporters - Carly Victor and Michelle Victor.

Presenter Kristina Bailey recognized the following members for completing Record Books: Nick Jones; Serena Newton; Carly Victor; and Michelle Victor - all who received a champion. Kaitlyn Davey, Megan Linfield, Shelby Rhoten, and Katie Shower completed Senior Portfolios and all received a champion.

Dorothy MacLean-Blevins presented gifts to the following members that received the Junior Up and Coming Award - Peter Baugher and Serena Newton. Hunter Dicke, Julianna Dicke, Mackenzie Dicke, Carly Victor, and Michelle Victor also won the County Up and Coming Award.

Natalie Panagakos presented gifts to the following members who are Going and Growing Award - Garrett Deltuva, Nick Jones, Caroline Mac-Lean Blevins, Sophie Panagakos, Molly Rill, Colleen Sheckells, Katherine Sladic, and Valerie Sladie. Honored with County Going and Growing Awards were Owen Alster, Avery Dull, and Erin Piper. The club was proud to announce that Nick Jones was named County Outstanding Junior. Once again, Carrollton members made a great impact countywide.

Matthew Nevin then provided some entertainment for the night by trying to stump the audience with some trick questions.

Back to business, Nick Jones presented Carrollton's senior members with gifts - Lillian Alster, Kristina Bailey, Emma Baugher, Bryce Davey, Kaitlyn Davey, Colby Dull, Alison Johnston, Megan Linfield, Dorothy MacLean-Blevins, Andrew Nevin, Matthew Nevin, Jacob Newton, Melanie Ogg, Natalie Panagakos, Colin Piper, Kathryn Piper, Shelby Rhoten, Dean Rill, Keegan Rill, Logan Rill, Dylan Ruby, Breann Sheckells, Katelynn Shower, Isabella Sladic, and Rachel Sladic. Bryce and Kathryn won the County 4-H Citizenship Award and attended the National Robotics competition, Megan received the County "I'll Be Glad to" Award, and Natalie was honored for being a National Champion on the Poultry Judging team.

Special notice was given to the following members for Perfect Attendance at our monthly meetings - Kaitlyn Davey, Nick Jones, Serena Newton, Carly Victor, and Michelle Victor.

Carrollton was proud of its members who completed their project records. Members that were honored for completing 4 records were Avery Dull, Colby Dull, Megan Linfield, and Jacob Newton. Nick Jones, Carly Victor, and Michelle Victor completed 5 project records. Kaitlyn Davey, Serena Newton, and Katie Shower completed 6 records and Shelby Rhoten completed an amazing 11 project records.

Carrollton then presented Kristina Bailey, Jacob Newton, Melanie Ogg, and Mr. Harry Newton with a small gift as each of them helped contribute funds to the Carroll County Fair as they were willing to get wet in the Dunking Booth.

Our leaders were honored for all their hard work and the Newton family won Carrollton 4-H Family of the Year. We also gave our Alumni Awards to past members Braedon Alster and Sarah Baugher. Let's hope for another great year in 2015!

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