University of Maryland Extension

Brown Leyland Cypress Winter Damage

Image Credit: 
Steve Allgeier

This winter has been extremely hard on many Leyland Cypress and there was extensive damage throughout the region to these trees.
There will probably be secondary issues associated with this damage. Plant tissues damaged by cold injury will be more readily invaded by bacteria or fungi, so when the secondary damage such as disease is noticed, it may not be obvious that the primary cause was winter damage.

The winter desiccation of foliage, buds, bark and roots also inhibits photosynthesis thus resulting in slowed plant growth and the inability to make defensive chemicals, especially in evergreens.

At this point, prune out damaged and dead wood from these trees and remove the dead and almost dead from the landscape. In the future, it is best to diversify your evergreen borders with a variety of evergreens rather than one species.

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