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Black Rock 4-H Club 2017 Officers

On January 10, 2017, Black Rock 4-H Club inducted their club officers for 2017. Each officer withdrew a ribbon from the "Pot of Gold" symbolizing their individual commitment to leading the club. As an officer team, their individual colors come together to form a rainbow, to help the club reach the "Pot of Gold". Pictured are the Black Rock 4-H Club members after the ceremony.

Also pictured are our Club leaders for 2017. From Left to Right- front row- Heather Schaefer, Club Leader. Alayna Mahosky, Vice- President, held the orange ribbon (which has red in it) as a symbol of shared leadership. Cassidy Lewis, Treasurer, took the green ribbon, as it represents growth, life and vitality. Olivia Harvey, President, held the red ribbon as a symbol of courage to lead our club with dignity. Clara Collins and Cade Schaefer, Clover Pledge Leaders, shared the yellow ribbon for adding brightness, cheerfulness, and happiness from our youngest members to our club. From left to Right- second row- Andrew Knatz, Secretary, held the blue ribbon as a symbol for caring, taking care that our records are accurate for our club meetings. Bradyn VanDerVoort, Reporter, took the white ribbon, symbolizing truth, writing articles about our club and maintaining club memory books. Club officers were nominated and voted on by the club members. Congratulations to our new officers and looking forward to a great year in Black Rock 4-H!

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