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4-H State Poultry Judging Contest

The 4-H State Poultry Judging Contest was held September 5, at the Timonium State Fairgrounds. Nine Carroll County 4-H contestants participated in the contest. Two junior 4-Hers Ben and Lilli Lawrence; five intermediate 4-Hers, Charlotte and Seth Krispin, Caleb Giordano, Molly Lawrence and Sophie Panagakos and two senior 4-Hers Kaitlyn Davey and Irene Hintze.

The contestants are judged in Past Production Hens, Egg Quality and Market Birds with Parts identification. There were a total of seven participants in the Junior Division. In the Past Production Hens class Ben Lawrence placed 3rd and Lilli Lawrence place 2nd. In the Egg Quality class the results were Lillie Lawrence 7th and Ben placed 3rd. In the Market Birds and Parts Identification class Ben placed 6th and Lilli placed 3rd. Overall out of seven contestants Ben placed 6 and Lilli placed 5th.

There were a total of 11 4-Hers participating in the Intermediate division. Judging Production Hens Charlotte Krispin placed 11th, Caleb Giordano placed 10th, Molly Lawrence placed 8th, Seth Krispin placed 6th and Sophie Panagakos placed 5th. The Carroll County team of 4-Hers placed 2nd. In the Egg Quality class Seth placed 11th, Sophie placed 8th, Charlotte placed 4th, Molly placed 3rd and Caleb placed 2. The team placed 1st. In the Market Bird and Parts Identification class Seth placed 8th, Caleb placed 7th, Molly placed 5th, Sophie placed 4th and Charlotte placed 2nd. Second placed was awarded to the team. Overall out of 11 contestants Seth placed 9th, Charlotte placed 8th, Sophie placed 5th, Caleb placed 4th and Molly placed 3rd. The team placed second.

In the Senior Division there were a total of eight 4-Hers participating in the contest. Irene Hintze placed 5th and Kaitlyn Davey placed 1st in the Past Production Hen class. In the Egg Quality class, Kaitlyn placed 2rd and Irene placed 1st. In the Market Birds and Parts Identification class Irene placed 3rd and Kaitlyn placed 1st. Overall out of a total of eight seniors Irene placed 3rd and Kaitlyn placed 1st.

Kaitlyn Davey and Irene Hintze have earned the privilege to compete at the National Poultry and Egg Conference in Louisville, Kentucky in November.

As an award for the highest score in oral reasons in the Past Production Hens class, Kaitlyn received the Kelly Hale Memorial Award. She also won the AGNR/MD 4-H Foundation Scholarship Program award as the highest senior individual.

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