Dr. Amro Hassanein presented with the On-Campus Professional Track Excellence award

June 23, 2022

COLLEGE PARK -- Dr. Amro Hassanein, Assistant Research Scientist with the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture and Natural Resources has been recognized for performance at recent College-wide annual awards ceremony in College Park, Md. The award for On-Campus Professional Track Excellence gives recognition in several areas including innovation and development, completion, or presentation of high-quality research, outreach, and/or educational programs.

Dr. Hassanein’s research focuses on finding reliable and applicable solutions to many of society’s environmental challenges. His research plays a vital role in creating and implementing waste to energy technology that enhances environmental quality, reduces climate change impacts, and better manages our natural resources. Due to his achievements, Dr. Amro Hassanein has an excellent record of articles published in high-impact peer-reviewed scientific journals, and he has been successful as a Co-Principle Investigator with over $2.6M in competitive grants.

He has developed novel research about renewable energy production from poultry litter, which translates through his Extension appointment to benefit the community. He provided farmers in the Chesapeake Bay region with very useful informa­tion about anaerobic digestion to produce energy and extract nutrients from the poultry litter matrix, and to create a designer fertilizer that better meets crop needs. He has also worked in the area of nanoparticles and food waste, key challenges for the citizens of Maryland.

During the pandemic, he has been one of ENST's environmental health and safety officers, keeping all in the department safe. He and Eni Baballari developed a novel laboratory mothballing and preservation system at the beginning of the pandemic that was adopted as a university best management practice. Dr. Hassanein is a very talented and productive scientist who fully integrates his research findings into an impactful Extension program.

The annual Awards program recognize high performing faculty and staff in a variety of areas.  For more information about the College please visit https://agnr.umd.edu/. For more information about the award or about University of Extension environmental, natural resources and Sea Grant programs, please contact Bill Hubbard at whubbard@umd.edu.