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February 11, 2021

The Manure Transport Program helps cover the cost of transporting manure to farms with low phosphorus fields or to alternative use facilities. Payments of up to $22.50/ton are available to eligible farmers and manure brokers. 

NEW:  Haul Now, Apply Later FastTrack Option to Transport Poultry Manure
Farmers who want to switch to poultry manure should check out the new and improved Haul Now, Apply Later Fast Track grants to move poultry manure. With our new and improved FastTrack grants, farmers can haul poultry manure now, and apply for cost-share reimbursement later. Download an application and claim form at right. 


Standard Option to Transport Poultry Litter

Our standard transport grants to move poultry manure are still available to eligible farmers. 

  • Farmers apply through the local soil conservation district 
  • Registered manure brokers apply directly to the Maryland Department of Agriculture 
  • The applicant submits a current nutrient management plan that contains:

     -  Nitrogen-based nutrient recommendations for fields with a soil phosphorus Fertility Index Value that is 100 or less

     - Phosphorus-based nutrient recommendations for fields with soil phosphorus Fertility Index Value between 101 and 150.

Receiving farm fields with a phosphorus Fertility Index Value that is greater than 150 are not eligible to participate in this program.

Requirements for Poultry Litter Transport

Farmers may apply for grants to move poultry litter using either a standard application or the Haul Now,  Apply Later FastTrack option. In both instances, the following rules apply: 

  • Qualifying farmers receive up to $22.50 per ton to transport poultry litter 
  • The sending farm must be located in Maryland and raise broiler chickens for one of the participating Delmarva poultry companies
  • Poultry litter must be transported more than 7 miles from the sending farm 
  • Transported poultry litter must be land applied as a nutrient source for an agricultural crop, OR sent to an approved alternative use facility 

Contact Information

Norman Astle Saiping Tso Office Address:

Program Administrator Manure Transport Coordinator 50 Harry S. Truman Parkway

Phone: 410-841-5864 Phone: 410-841-5864 Annapolis, MD 21401

FastTrack Forms

Please download forms before completing. Mail completed forms to: Maryland Department of Agriculture 

Conservation Grants

50 Harry S. Truman Parkway, RM 207

Annapolis, MD 21401

Poultry Manure FastTrack Application Form (pdf)

Poultry Manure FastTrack Claim for Payment Form (pdf) 

Current Nutrient Management Plan Certification Form (pdf)

More Information

Grants to Inject Manure 

Additional Biosecurity Measures If an outbreak of contagious or infectious poultry or livestock disease takes place, the Maryland Department of Agriculture may issue any necessary order to prevent the spread of disease. This may include a prohibition against transporting manure in the state or region. An applicant applying for cost-share through Maryland’s Manure Transport Program may be required to implement additional biosecurity measures as a condition of grant approval. Poultry producers are strongly encouraged to discuss biosecurity with their company representatives and the University of Maryland to determine—on a case-by-case basis—whether additional measures are needed to protect individual poultry flocks and the industry at large

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