February 11, 2021

The Association of Natural Resource Extension Professionals (ANREP) is proud to honor Dr. William Hubbard, Environment and Natural Resources Program Leader with the University of Maryland Extension, with the prestigious “Service to ANREP Award”.

Dr. Hubbard was instrumental in the formation of ANREP as a formal Extension Association, serving as President of the Association in 2000 when ANREP became a member organization of the Joint Council of Extension Professionals. A proud charter member of over 21 years, Dr. Hubbard also served as ANREP’s Executive Secretary through 2019, ensuring the sustainability of the organization. Dr. Hubbard’s passion and dedication to ANREP is evident in the time he has committed to the organization. 

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the ANREP organization. At the discretion of the ANREP Board of Directors, a service award may be awarded to an individual that, in an exemplary manner, supports ANREP programs and goals. The Service to ANREP Award is not a part of the annual awards program but decided upon by the Board when a member exemplifies tremendous service. 

The Board felt strongly that Dr. Hubbard is well deserving of this acknowledgement.