University of Maryland Extension

2. Equipment and Facilities FAQs

  • What are the best sources for farm equipment? Farm equipment is most often purchased from local dealers, farm auctions, directly from other farmers, and through internet listings.  A good source of information on equipment availability in Maryland is the Delmarva Farmer Newspaper Classified section, or the Lancaster Farming Newspaper Classified section.

  • Can I rent or lease equipment to get started? Yes-many counties or regions offer farm equipment for rent on a daily or per acre basis. Commonly available equipment includes no-till drills and conservation planters.  Maryland Farmlink developed a listing of equipment for rent at the following link: (link is external)

  • What is a custom farm operator and how do I use them?  Many farm tasks can be completed by custom operators. In other words, hiring another firm to complete certain tasks, such as spreading lime, hauling goods, harvesting grain, to name a few. University of Maryland has developed a Custom Equipment Average Work Charges factsheet available at:

  • What kind of equipment do I need for my farm?  Equipment needs vary tremendously between enterprises. A listing of different enterprises with an accompanying chart of commonly utilized equipment with prices is available in Appendix I.

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