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Getting Started

Are you a “new farmer?"  While this seems like a simple question, the definition of “new farmer” differs among agricultural support agencies and programs.  This project is using the United States Department of Agriculture’s definition of “new farmer’ which is anyone who has farmed for less than 10 years consecutively.

This definition spans a large audience including those just exploring their options in farming to those ready to turn their avocation into their full-time career.  We realize this span of interest and experience with farming brings visitors to this site through many different doors.  So, we have designed an interactive site map to help visitors locate resources more quickly based on their individual experiences and resources.

But first, if you are new to farming, download the Roadmap to Farming.  This roadmap will help you initially analyze the decision to begin a farm.

Next, find resources you need by exploring the Beginning Farmer Success Resource Matrix.

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