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The research has been done for you.  Below is a list of the best beginning fruit producer resources from around the state and beyond.

  • Grapes
    University of Maryland Extension

    This webpage is designed for the commercial grape producer but is also appropriate for the beginner.  Topics include starting a vineyard, viticulture education, pest and weed management, equipment, and business planning.  Many publications and workshop presentations are also provided.
  • Aronia Research Website
    University of Maryland Extension

    Containing more antioxidants than blueberries, aronia (aka black chokeberry) is an old fruit crop that is making its way to Maryland farms.  This alternative crop is being studied for organic fruit production at the University of Maryland Extension.   The fruit grows in clusters of 10 to 20 berries and each is the size of a large blueberry.  However, the fruit is more closely related to an apple.  The University of Maryland Extension’s aronia research website provides good information for the aronia grower.  Topics covered include:  establishment, management, pest monitoring, phenology, production timeline, and more. 
  • Virginia Cooperative Extension

    These publications are written for Virginia, but much of the information applies to Maryland.  Each publication contains a great wealth of information including topics such as site & variety selection; pollination; rootstocks; tree acquisition; planting; spacing; tree care for the first, second & third years; harvesting, fruit storage, wildlife problems, and pest control.

  • Tree Fruit Production Guide
    Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences

    Revised every two years, this guide covers topics for tree fruit growers including culture, nutrition, spraying, pesticides, storage, weeds, insects, diseases and more.
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