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Baked Goods

FDA and USDA food safety regulations apply to baked goods. Baked goods may be considered hazardous or non-hazardous depending upon specific ingredients. Licenses may restrict recipes, or conversely, specific recipes may require specific licenses Bakeries are food processing facilities licensed by DHMH. The license may be restricted to processing only certain types of foods based on the facility capacity, equipment, and design. Home kitchens and on-farm processors may produce only non-potentially hazardous baked goods include baked cakes, muffins, or cookies with a water activity of .85 or less, and fruit pies with an equilibrated pH of 4.6 or less. Baked goods produced in a home kitchen may be sold only at farmers' markets. Baked goods produced under an on-farm home processing license may be sold at any venue in the state.

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