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Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE)

Maryland Food Supplement Nutrition Education (FSNE) provides nutrition education to help low income individuals and families make healthy food choices, develop food preparation skills, handle food safely, improve shopping skills, and increase their physical activity.

FSNE is available to your organization at no cost and offers a variety of programs to support the work of community agencies serving low income families and may offer programming to:

  • Public schools where 50% or more students qualify for free or reduced school lunch (or community agencies located within these school districts)

  • Community agencies servicing food stamp eligible audiences

  • Local food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, etc.

Examples of available FSNE programs include:

Integrating Nutrition into the School Curriculum (PDF) is a 30-hour course for elementary and middle school teachers. It provides the basics of nutrition, focusing on current health issues relevant to both children and teachers. Teachers learn practical ways to integrate nutrition education into the required curriculum and earn two MSDE credit hours upon completion of the course.

WalkWays (PDF) is a four-lesson program that promotes healthy eating and walking. It uses a pedometer to record daily steps and track increases in physical activity. Participants work together to overcome barriers to physical activity and celebrate success.

Color Me Healthy (PDF) is a preschool program which encourages young children to develop healthy eating habits and increase their physical activity. Activities using color, music, and exploration of the senses teach children that physical activity and healthy eating are fun.

F.U.N. (Focusing on Understanding Nutrition) (PDF) is targeted to 4th grade students. The program presents nutrition education within the context of language arts, science, math, and social studies. Rather than presenting nutrition as a stand-alone topic, F.U.N. integrates the concept of healthy eating into the required school curriculum.

Growing Healthy Habits is a gardening and nutrition education curriculum providing easy-to-adopt lessons that meet Maryland State curriculum objectives.  This program uses growing food as the teaching vehicle to link nutrition and gardening concepts in both in-school and out-of-school youth educational settings.

Nutrition Nuggets is a curriculum designed for a variety of audiences, but is especially appropriate for youth in after-school settings. Each of the 12 lessons provides basic nutrition information as well as two activities that engage participants in a variety of food-related tasks. Every lesson includes food preparation and taste testing. These activities are designed to help students develop cooking skills, provide opportunities to experience new foods and ingredients, and to become more accepting of a wider variety of foods.

FSNE is funded by the USDA in cooperation with the Maryland Department of Human Resources, the University of Maryland Extension, and COMMUNITY AGENCIES SUCH AS YOURS!

For more information about FSNE programming in Montgomery County contact:

Annmarie Hart-Bookbinder
FSNE Nutrition Educator
Project Leader
Yun (Michelle) Feng
FSNE Nutrition Educator
Pam Hosimer
FSNE Nutrition Educator
Erica Lupica
Administrative Assistant to FSNE


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