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Archived Handouts and Presentations

2017 Monthly Meeting Talks:

October 2017:  Dr. Anthony Buda Climate Change in the Mid-Atlantic Region

June 2017:  Jeannine Dorothy Mosquitoes!  Their Biology and Ecology

May 2017:  Chuck Schuster Montgomery County Pesticide Law

Presentations to 2017 class: 

Lynn Batdorf Boxwood

Carol Allen Houseplants, Houseplant Substrates

Dave Clement Basic Disease Training

Doug Tregoning Deer

Ann English RainScapes

Eric Wenger Capsicums

Erica Smith Vegetable Gardening for MGs

Marie Rojas Gardening for Wildlife

Janet Young Seed Saving

Jody Fetzer Blueberry Growing, Strawberry Growing UGeorgia, Southern Highbush Blueberry Varieties, Small Fruits MG2017C, Small Fruits MG2017BW, Small Farms Pruning Berries, Raspberry Growing Oregon, HG68 Getting Started with Small Fruits, Growing Strawberries

Steve Dubik Botany, Nomenclature

2016 Monthly Meeting Talks:

October 2016:  Kathy Jentz Winter Garden Talk, Winter Garden Talk Notes

September 2016:  Donna Koczaja Growing, Harvesting, and Preparing Therapeutic Herbs for Self Care

July 2016:  Melissa McCormick Why Our Native Orchids Are So Difficult to Grow

June 2016:  Evan Keto Tree Montgomery

March 2016:  Barbara Glickman Maryland Public Gardens and Parks (handout only)

February 2016:  Pat Lynch Growing Community Gardens in Montgomery Parks

Presentations to 2016 class:

Marie Rojas Diagnosing for Dummies, Gardening for Wildlife

Carol Allen Exploring Houseplants, Greenhouse Substrates

Andrew Ristvey Plant Nutrition

Lynn Batdorf Boxwood

Heather Whirley World of Herbs

Geoff Rinehart Lawn Care

Richard Weismiller Basic Soil Science

Amanda Rocker Ecology

Mary Kay Malinoski Intro to Insects and Diagnosis of Insect Damage

Christina Pax, Designing with Natives and Our EcoSystem in Mind

Christina Pax, April 2016 class on Native Perennials

Paula Shrewsbury Invasive Insects and Our EcoSystem

Eric Wenger Growing and Cultivating Peppers

Susan Eisendrath Composting

Dave Clement Basic Master Gardener Disease Training

Dara Ballow-Giffen Grow-It-Eat-It

Sue Kuklewicz Youth Gardening

Donna Evans Environmental Site Design and Rainscapes

Erica Smith Vegetable Gardening for MGs

Erica Smith Vegetable Gardening for MGs Resource List

Jody Fetzer Small Fruits Challenges and Rewards (COLOR)

Jody Fetzer Small Fruits Challenges and Rewards (Black & White)

Jody Fetzer Blueberry Growing Oregon

Jody Fetzer HG68_Getting Started with Small Fruits

Jody Fetzer Pollinating Highbush Blueberries

Jody Fetzer Raspberry Growing Oregon

Jody Fetzer Small Farms Pruning Berries

Jody Fetzer Southern Highbush Blueberry Varieties

Kevin Conrad  US National Arboretum

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