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How often and when do 4-H Clubs meet?
Some clubs meet every week for a month or two and some meet once or twice a month all year long. Some clubs meet for an hour or two after school, in the evening, or on Saturday. This depends on the club and what they want to do, 4-H clubs may organize any time of the year. Sometimes members have to be enrolled in a project by a certain date to be eligible for specific activities.

Where do 4-H Clubs meet?
Any place large enough and convenient for the members of the group. Many meet in a central place, such as school, church or the Ag History Farm Park.

How big should a club be?
This depends on the age of the members, the places they have to meet and the leadership available. The ideal club is big enough for everybody to feel part of the group. The average 4-H club is likely to have 10 to 20 members.

Who names a Club?
The members of the club will name the club, with their leader's guidance.

What do 4-H Club Members do at meetings?
4-H Club meetings usually have four parts - project work, business, recreation and social activities and social interest programs.

Do they all do these things at one meeting?
Sometimes, if they have a little business to conduct, they may work on their projects for a while and play a game or two. Sometimes the whole meeting will be devoted to one thing. (Example: Everyone will bring their dog and practice obedience training, or the entire meeting may be needed to plan the club program or plan the club tour.)

Who plans the program for the club?
The members of the club plan their own program. If the club is small, this might be done at a meeting of a whole group. If the club is large, they get ideas from everyone and let a committee put together a club program for these ideas.

What about Officers?
4-H clubs may have officers and committees needed to run their own business. 4-H has materials available for presidents, vice presidents, secretaries, treasurers, news reporters and recreation leaders.

Do 4-H Clubs have dues?
There is an annual enrollment fee of $10 for each 4-H member, no matter how many clubs they are in. A family only needs to pay for their first three children ($30), any child after that is free. clover 4-H'ers (ages 5-7) are free, also. If the club needs money for an activity, they usually charge their own extra dues or conduct fundraising activities. Inability to pay dues will never be used to keep someone from joining 4-H.

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