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Continuing Education

In order to maintain the status of Active Master Gardener, Master Gardener volunteers must complete at least 10 hours of continuing education each year. 

Master Gardener State Office Continuing Education Opportunities

March 23, 2020 
Growing Healthy Youth Gardens Workshop 

Montgomery County Extension Office

In this workshop, we will learn that there is no "i" in team as we explore ways to connect with important stakeholders to build a sustainable youth gardening team. We will test our knowledge of food safety in the garden and discover which insects are our friends in the garden. Through hands-on demonstrations, participants will learn some new tricks, kid-friendly gardening tips, and fun activities to get kids hooked on gardening and excited about growing food! All participants will receive a toolkit of fun and easy to use activities from FSNE.

Tickets available for $15 on Eventbrite! Lunch is included. 


  • Heather Buritsch: UME Principal Faculty Specialist, Statewide Gardening for Nutrition Coordinator
  • Pam Hosimer: UME Agent Associate, Family & Consumer Sciences and Montgomery County Master Gardener Volunteer
  • Jon Traunfeld: UME Vegetable & Fruit Specialist, Director of the Home & Garden Information Center
  • Michael Andorsky: UME Master Gardener, Baltimore City

April 1st, 2020
Plant This, Not That! with Ann Aldrich 

Washington County Extension Office 
Join fellow MG Ann Aldrich to learn about excellent native plants that can be substituted for common, problematic invasive plants. Tickets are available for free on Eventbrite!

Webinars and Other Continuing Education Opportunities

Extension programs and horticultural experts develop webinars for Master Gardeners and the public. Many webinars are free and some require payment. The Master Gardener State Office has compiled a list of select webinars, classes, and other events.

Annual Training Conference

Master Gardeners and Master Naturalists have a unique opportunity to learn together during the annual Maryland Master Gardener Conference on June 13th, 2020! Learn more...

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