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Spring Conference Materials

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2020 Spring Conference

Deer handout, Deer presentation

Edible Flowers handout, Edible Flowers presentation

Make a Spectacle in the Garden handout, presentation

Salvias handout, Salvias presentation

To Weed or Not To Weed handout, presentation

Turf Management presentation

Vegetable Gardening handout, presentation

Wildlife Friendly Garden handout, presentation

2019 Spring Conference

Basic Tree ID handout

Creative Design for Shade Gardens handout, Creative Design for Shade Gardens presentation

Digging Up the Dirty Secrets of Soil handout, Digging Up the Dirty Secrets of Soil presentation

Extreme Gardening handout, Extreme Gardening presentation

Gardening 101 handout, Gardening 101 presentation

 Hydrangeas handout, Hydrangeas presentation

Incredible Edibles handout, Incredible Edibles presentation

Purple Carrot People Resources handout, Purple Carrot People presentation

Tools of the Trade Maintenance and Revitalization of Garden Tools handout

Water Gardening handout, Water Gardening presentation

Woodland Gardening handout, Woodland Gardening presentation

2018 Spring Conference

Building Healthy Soils

Divine Design

Evolve with Native Herbs

Having a Great Lawn and Working Within the Many Regulations

Insects in the Garden

Living Fences

Pruning Plants in a Changing Climate

Rose Rosette Disease article, UMd

Rose Rosette Disease article, Scott Aker

Successful and Sustainable Gardening in a Changing Climate

Vegetable Gardening for Busy People

Vegetable Gardening for Busy People Resource List

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