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MCMG Listservs

Before signing up for any listserv, please first review the Montgomery County Master Gardener Listserv Usage Guidelines. 

Montgomery County Master Gardeners maintain four Yahoo listservs, listed below. If you wish to become a member of one of the listservs, contact the person listed. He/she will send you an invitation to join the listserv.

Entire MCMG Organization (recommended) Katie McIe
Derwood Demo Garden Erica Smith
Therapeutic Horticulture Katie McIe
Speakers Lisa Fair

In addition to these listservs, one committee maintains an email contact list. This is a list of people who are kept up to date about the work of the committee, e.g. committee meeting dates, work days, etc. If you wish to be on the contact list, get in touch with the contact person listed and ask to be added to the list.

Gaithersburg Fairgrounds Mike Parizer

Most Master Gardeners in Montgomery County belong to at a minimum the Yahoo listserv that serves our entire organization. Once you join this listserv you will be able to send an email to the listserv which will be distributed automatically to all Montgomery County Master Gardeners who are members of the listserv. You in turn will receive email sent by your fellow Master Gardeners.

When you join a listserv, you have three options for how you receive the content:

  • Individual Emails - Each time someone sends out an email, you will receive it.
  • Daily Digest - You will receive a single email each day that contains all the emails from that day. However attachments are not included with the digest, which could be a problem since many emails are sent with attachments.
  • No Emails - Instead of receiving emails, you will need to go to the listserv located at and from there you can read any posts from recent weeks. You will not be able to see attachments that were sent with the emails.
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