Ask A Master Gardener

Master Gardeners offer assistance to the residents of Montgomery County in a variety of ways:

If you have a sick houseplant, a dying shrub, or grass that has seen better days, you can bring a sample to one of our plant clinics, and we will help diagnose the problem and recommend solutions.

You may send a gardening question via email to Ask An Expert at the Home and Garden Information Center. You may attach digital photographs with your question, if that is appropriate to your question. For example, if your dogwood has diseased leaves, it might help to diagnose the cause of the dogwood problem if you include a digital photograph of the diseased leaves. 

We can provide your club, school or other organization with a speaker. Our speakers offer talks on over 100 different topics.

The Grow It Eat It campaign can provide you with information about starting and maintaining a successful food garden. We have speakers who will come to your organization and offer instruction about vegetable gardening.

We run a therapeutic horticulture program at many locations in our area.

We maintain several demonstration gardens that you can visit throughout the year. One is in Derwood, and another is at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Gaithersburg.  We also maintain the medicinal herb garden at the National Institutes of Health.

Our Urban Gardening group can help you with gardening in small yards, townhouses or on condo balconies.

You can call our telephone hotline (301-590-9650) and speak directly with a Master Gardener about any garden issue.

We offer a wide variety of fact sheets on plant diseases and pests.

All of the services listed above are provided at no charge.

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